Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Climate change

The left makes the claim that global warming and climate change are caused by us humans emitting too much CO2 and that we need to take draconian measures to reduce emissions or face a future of apocalyptic proportions. If we do not agree then we are equivalent to flat Earth deniers.

But … Is their real goal the reduction of CO2 or something else?

If they are really concerned about CO2 emission, then why:

▪  Have they fought against nuclear energy, which has been the safest source of energy in the U.S. and has reduced CO2 more than any other source.

▪  Why do they want to tear down dams that supply us with clean and safe electricity?

▪  Why do they fight fracking, which has provided the greatest reductions in CO2 in decades?

▪  Why do they only support wind and solar, which work less than half the time and need to be supplemented with fossil fuels?

Obviously the reduction of CO2 isn’t that important to them, so what is their real goal?

Could it be that their real agenda is to tax more, to spend more and to regulate more? Yes, that is what their actions tell us.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise