Letters to the Editor

Atkinson letter: The Reach Act

Veronica McDuffee’s letter “Preventable deaths,” dated March 31, struck a chord with me. Referring to the presidential race as a circus couldn’t be more accurate. The carnival barkers have found their podiums and they’re not selling popcorn; it is discrimination, hot and fresh off the grill.

But McDuffee has reminded me, talk is cheap.

There is real action happening here in America helping the underprivileged around the world. Instead of dividing and excluding, the Reach Act (S.1911 and H.R. 3706) focuses on practical ways to improve the livability of underprivileged countries so others won’t be forced to abandon their homes.

This bill is one such action that demonstrates the good Americans are doing to look out for mothers and children across the globe. The 5.9 million children under the age of 5 who die every year through preventable causes can be stopped.

Through the Reach Act, important reforms will be enshrined into law that better positions the USAID to support developing countries and save both children’s and mothers’ lives.

Don’t be fooled by circus clowns in business suits. Let’s band together and urge Congress to vote on this legislation and demonstrate that America is in fact a global leader in compassion.

Kirsten Atkinson, Boise