Letters to the Editor

Simon letter: Horse racing

Regarding “Legislature kills Idaho industry,” this April 8 Guest Opinion by Edward J. McNelis was very close to the mark when he described how our political elites killed horse racing and $50 million of value out of the Idaho economy. Question: How is the loss of this money going to be made up?

McNelis hit it right on the head when he said the Indian tribes’ casinos have a monopoly. His remarks about money from the tribes supporting our politicians is right on the mark. Something really smells with regard to the politicians taking tribal money in order to stop our horse racing.

I would hope our attorney general would open up an investigation as to why the politicians would not hear the horsemen’s request and what about the money under the table to our politicians. McNelis’ suggestion that we are becoming corrupt like D.C. has more truth than anyone realizes.

Joe Simon, Meridian