Letters to the Editor

Loveland letter: Horse racing

This letter supports Ed McNelis’ guest opinion you ran about the closure of Les Bois Park. It has been an icon here for over 50 years, Idaho people are upset about the closure and rightly so. Not just the horsemen, but sponsors, fans, horse players, restaurants, grocery stores, anyone associated with providing goods and housing for out-of-state stables. The bill we tried to introduce this year is an entirely different one than last year’s. The horsemen heard what was said and tried to introduce a Gaming Commission bill, which would oversee the lottery, tribal casinos and historical horse racing machines. We worked with the Governor’s Office, Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, Sen. Todd Lakey and Rep. Christy Perry. It called for a senator and a representative to be appointed by the governor, as well as a third appointee on the commission. After working on this for months, we could not even get a hearing from the Senate State Affairs Committee because Sen. Brent Hill would not allow it. One man. One man. This is not fair, while the lottery and tribal casinos flourish, racing dies and all the revenue generated with it goes out of state.

Sad day for Idaho.

Marta Loveland, president, Idaho Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA), Caldwell