Letters to the Editor

Rogers letter: Property taxes

Recently we are reading or hearing how raising the minimum wage will cause small business to close or result in companies laying off workers. As a small auto repair business owner I would say BS. All of our employees make more than $15 a hour. Plus they have medical insurance and vacation benefits. Our customers and employees are why we stay in business. What is hurting us are continually rising taxes. Every year Ada County raises the taxation value of our property based on someone in an office decides our property is worth more this year than last year. Then Boise City, Ada County and multiple numbers of taxing districts take a percentage cut. Boise City is the worst, followed by the school districts. Look at your own tax bill. The number of agencies dipping into your pockets seem endless. We get hit a double whammy. They up the value of our property, then take a percentage of the increased value. Taxes are why we have to increase our rates, not labor.

Jim Rogers, Meridian