Letters to the Editor

Peterson letter: Dave Bieter comment

Mayor Bieter stated at the Ada County Democratic presidential caucus (the largest caucus in the history of the United States) that he would move to Nevada and campaign door to door for Bernie if Bernie was the Democratic presidential nominee. Bernie has won the last six out of seven Democratic primaries and caucuses. A win in New York state might spell the end of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign.

It is time for Mayor Bieter to start packing his bags. He can still be mayor, just in Wells instead of Boise. Wells is lovely this time of year. Also, the integrity that the Clintons brought to the White House, Bieter can bring to Wells. I feel that the thousands of Bernie supporters will remember that Bieter was anti-Bernie and vote against him in the next mayoral race. Bieter has been an almost competent mayor and he can leave before the next election without a defeat to tarnish his record.

Pete Peterson, Boise