Letters to the Editor

O’Neill letter: Estate sales

Respect for estate sales:

Estate sales usually occur when someone has passed. It is a hard time for those left behind. What we found was this: People did not respect us as to the hours we advertised. We advertised Saturday 9 a.m.. Friday afternoon antique dealers were knocking at our door. Saturday morning people came at 7:45 a.m. We were still organizing and pricing our items. Before I knew what happened I saw my dad’s Marine Corps foot locker go out the door. This made me sick to my stomach. My dad was a very proud Marine, it was a very valuable piece that had not yet been discussed. People are like scavengers without any consideration of the emotional attachment in losing a family member. We had beautiful antiques and items from travels of my dad. It is sad people come in for the hunt. I hope this letter will open up an awareness to respect others in their loss. Besides being disrespected, someone stole our iPad that we were able to take credit cards on. This made the whole day bittersweet; we were just wanting to have a celebration of dad’s life and treasures. Where is the humanity and compassion in people?

Kelly O’Neill, Boise