Letters to the Editor

Hammond letter: Elk City slide

This has to do with the Idaho Transportation Department dragging their feet. Apparently those bigwigs down there in Boise really don’t care that by them taking their sweet time in fixing the landslide, it is costing all of the local businesses precious business. The fishermen don’t go up there because the road is only open certain times of the day and night.

I know if they lived up in Elk City they would make the work go faster, but since many of them don’t live up there they are taking their sweet time.

All they have to do is blow up the mountain where the huge crack is located, but of course they will not do this because it is too easy.

Elk City gets its income from hikers, campers, fishermen, etc., and when those people are not able to get in, the local businesses are the ones that suffer, not the bigwigs that are in charge of fixing the slide.

Dave Hammond, Grangeville