Letters to the Editor

White letter: Republicans

Marco Rubio said that this election was all about beating Hillary. I thought it was about becoming president and leading the country. What was I thinking?

Rubio’s campaign was circling the drain well before he lost Florida. Should be lose his day job, he can move to Minnesota. Somebody up there likes him.

John Kasich seems like a good guy, but one ace won’t beat a pair of jokers.

If Donald Trump stops suddenly, VP hopefuls Christie and Palin will get cited for following too close.

Mitt Romney, voted off the island in 2012, joined the fray. Well, 47 percent of the American people don’t care what two-time loser Mitt thinks. Put your dog inside the car and go away.

The RNC was once a dignified group. That went south after Ed Gillespie, Michael Steele and Reince Priebus took turns at the helm. They also sold their party to the NRA. Class, can we say, “Poor management”?

Here come more irritating TV commercials, as if Litster Frost and Trivago needed the competition.

The only question remaining is, will it be Trump or Cruz who loses to Hillary?

Ken White, Twin Falls