Letters to the Editor

Mathis letter: Legislature

Recent letters to the editor have been lambasting state legislators and the governor for their refusal to address a wide range of important issues while continuing to waste taxpayer money on mostly frivolous, but sometimes harmful, legislation that caters to those that pull their political strings. By far the most glaring and indefensible example of inaction is the Legislature’s refusal to deal with health care for the thousands of Idahoans who don’t qualify for Medicaid or subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and are suffering and dying because they simply can’t afford any of the other health care options available to them. While I agree that we should be ashamed of those with the power to do something about these and other glaring injustices, the people of Idaho have no one to blame but themselves for continuing to elect the same group of far right-wing ideologues year after year. For the large majority of you who continue to re-elect this sanctimonious gang, I hope you’re proud of your contribution to this sad state of affairs and can continue to look at yourselves in the mirror.

Mike Mathis, Boise