Letters to the Editor

Humble letter: 2016 Legislature

Legislative successes for 2016?

Education — Back to 2009 level.

Early learning — Legislature has chosen for all of us to pay later, no funding now.

Healthcare — 78,000 Idahoans remain in the gap, legislators chose not to stay on and work through the differences; elected officials need to work on reelection campaigns.

Add the Words — Failure to consider, maybe next year, business considering Idaho will appreciate this.

No minimum wage increase — Moving Idaho into the 21st century.

Harvesting of aborted fetuses banned — Just In Time legislation, harvesting not utilized in Idaho.

Passed women considering abortion — Required to receive a free ultrasound provider’s list, no healthcare considered.

Equal pay for women — Keep women uneducated, poor and pregnant.

Concealed weapon carry without permit — Ready aim fire, no training needed.

State mandates on local government.

Plastic bags usage — Blocked localities from banning plastic bag usage. Idahoans care about the environment.

Minimum wage — Failure to allow localities the choice to institute an increase, Idahoans believe in less government.

If we keep voting like we always have we will keep getting what we always have. Time for change. Vote — you can make a difference.

Jill Humble, Boise