Letters to the Editor

Hess letter: Project-based learning

In real life, I can search any information I want and collaborate with others to work on projects and solve problems. Why then are we putting our children in an environment they will never encounter in the future?

Students are lectured for hours and must memorize information they will forget soon after the test is over. If we truly trust our teachers with our children’s education, why are we not allowing them to be creative in the way they teach them?

Jobs today and in the future are not looking for employees who can regurgitate tons of information. Future employers need critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and employees who know how to work with others.

Idaho Loves to Learn held a free screening of the education documentary Most Likely to Succeed. This film helped to make sense of project-based learning and I know this is a great option for Idaho. Students work together learning academic content while learning how to apply that content when solving authentic problems. By making learning relevant to students, they discover a reason for acquiring state-required skills and content concepts. PBL provides our youth the chance to really develop real-life skills required for future jobs.

Ashley Hess, Meridian