Letters to the Editor

Boe letter: Toxic waste site

I am an enrolled Native American and to use my favorite “windbags” expression, “take umbrage” to the powers to be, mostly the EPA for using one of our most Sacred Grounds for their dump site. Our Sacred Heart Mission grounds near Cataldo. Of all the places, why our most revered, holy and oldest church, mission, building in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, why?

Can you spell greed? You don’t have to answer that, we already know. For “30 pieces of silver.”

You dishonor Mother Earth, spit in her waters, with contamination. You all better beg her forgiveness and stop this atrocity that you are doing before there is further damage. We leave nothing to our descendants. Our ancestors must be shedding bitter tears right now.

Shame, shame, shame on all of us for letting this happen in our own backyards and doing nothing. I am speaking to our Native Firsts People. All of us leaders stand up and speak out against this atrocity. Together we can stop it before it does further damage. I don’t want anyone to write against this action. Contact the EPA and the Coeur d’Alene tribe to stop this toxic waste site immediately.

Sylvia Boe, Kellogg