Letters to the Editor

Woodburn letter: Otter-Attorney General

Every Monday Dr. Oz tells me to eat more fruits and vegetables for low blood pressure. Then I read the latest news about our governor and where he and our legislators have been spending hard earned taxpayer dollars. Even Idaho’s (supposedly) under-educated and non-college bound high school students could easily see through the spin and follow the money trail on every single issue to see why the elected support what they do. Oh wait, they aren’t smart enough because we spent their money over-paying for internet access so one guy could see an amazing return on his investment. Now we need to pay for more expensive attorneys because the ones we have hired aren’t getting the results we set out to accomplish (and it’s a wild guess but they may have donated money to our elected officials so their superior services could be utilized). Silly me, I thought conservatives liked to save money. Keep on fighting the good fight AG Lawrence Wasden. I’m going to plant some fruit trees in my back yard and grow a vegetable garden so I can keep my blood pressure down every morning when I read the latest debacle our money is being wasted on.

Shannon Woodburn, Eagle