Letters to the Editor

Curtis letter: 2016 Legislature

Comments on the 2016 legislative session:

Those of us that are health care professionals and have personally seen death due to lack of health care availability were very disappointed by the actions of this past Idaho legislative session. While some legislators were protecting their own interests with farm subsidies, placing religious materials in the classrooms, and allowing open carry of firearms everywhere except, of course, legislative chambers, the health of the citizens of this state was ignored. This was brought to light in a direct way when Sen. Dan Schmidt gave up his taxpayer-funded health insurance costing $11,200 per year. We, as citizens of Idaho, want to require that, as part of the legislative “study” that will be looking into health care insurance options in Idaho, all of the Idaho legislators drop their taxpayer-funded insurance. This would enable them to utilize health care with no insurance as they are asking 78,000 fellow Idahoans to do. Immersing themselves in the current system would give them valuable knowledge to use in legislating a solution. This would also save thousands in taxpayer dollars.

Dee Blair and Sharon Curtis, Moscow