Letters to the Editor

Bachelder letter: Eating right

I am concerned about the so-called health care crisis in our country, caused by so many health problems. To get an idea of the extent of it, all you have to do is watch the TV commercials with their many remedies. Scary.

I have a book to suggest that would make things easier for many people, if they wanted to make some changes. It is “Eat Right for Your Type,” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. Most of my life I had minor health problems, but doctors didn’t really help. I used to think that maybe when I died they could do an autopsy and figure it out. This book answered all my questions and calmed all my worries. It turns out they couldn’t have told anything from an autopsy anyway.

This book explains blood chemistry and how certain foods react in your body, and some cause inflammation in the tissues. Inflammation is the precursor to disease. Sound simple? Try giving up foods you love or foods you have eaten all your life. Try it, you’ll hate it, but if you stick with it, you will get better. It is really working for me.

Carol Bachelder, Boise