Letters to the Editor

Zahm letter: Help homeless

On the news tonight, the Albertson Foundation is spending $3.5 million on a water park. What about the homeless in this great city of Boise? Don’t they count? They don’t choose this lifestyle (or maybe they did due to mental health issues). I am so thankful when I had no place to go, I found a low-income apartment for myself and my two boys. Without that I would have been living in my car. We need more low-income availability for the poor. The dollars spent on the water park should have gone for a better cause, like low-income housing. Way to go, Albertson Foundation. Wrong again. Maybe another foundation can step up to the cause? Boise needs to take care of their own. We have always been a great city. Please don’t stop now.

LuAnn Zahm, Meridian