Letters to the Editor

Schrecongost letter: Minimum wage

William Fremgen’s opinion piece decrying the evils of minimum wage could not have been more misleading. As to his challenge to show a controlled economy versus a free market, I give you the Greatest Generation — they taxed themselves at a rate double today’s and regulated all interstate commerce — and built the greatest nation in history. Compare that to the free market economy of the 1800s which culminated with children chained to machines.

Of course automation will replace jobs, but historically it has been when the machine does a better job. I have seen folks walk by free coffee to pay $5 for a Starbucks (who have historically paid a decent wage) so I hardly think increasing the minimum wage will spell doom for the diner.

The deregulation that began with Ronald Reagan resulted in a decline of the middle class and folks working two jobs to get by. As soon as Wall Street bankers were deregulated they put together the housing scam that nearly wiped out the world’s economy and had to be bailed out by guess who — Uncle Sam.

A working person should not have to live in poverty, we should not be a feudal society.

Dennis Schrecongost, Boise