Letters to the Editor

Rostron letter: Minimum wage

William Fremgen (“Minimum Wage” March 30) quotes: “(T) he higher the price of good (labor), the less people [businesses] will demand of that good (labor).”

Perhaps he borrowed this: The higher the price of a good (product), the less people will demand that good (product). True.

Same logic: When more jobs are available than workers, businesses pay more for workers.

Where are those jobs? Automation such as self-serve parking lots and assembly-line robots has not killed our economy.

Fremgen: “Government artificially imposing a minimum wage has the effect of sawing out the bottom rungs of the economic ladder.” No. What destroys the bottom rungs are corporations racing to the bottom to pay the lowest wages.

Fremgen and I both support our free market system, but there are times it needs restrictions and guidelines. Nothing within this system says it’s wrong to use child labor. Sellers can gouge buyers. The system doesn’t care.

If laborers are not provided enough to purchase products they produce, our economy suffers. Our system doesn’t care if there is a middle class. It thrives when there is, though.

Our system sometimes needs guidelines. History shows the minimum wage was a boon to our economy.

Steve Rostron, Boise