Letters to the Editor

Pumphrey letter: Presidential race

Idahoans, do you know what is happening to you? Are you so blind you cannot see that your constitutional right to cast your vote to elect the next president of the United States of America is being ripped from you by the GOP establishment, Hilary Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, Romney, the Media, Black Lives Matter, Move-on.org, Rubio, Fiorina and many, many others?

These people and organizations believe that 40 percent of American voters who have voted for Donald Trump are too stupid to know that, in their know-it-all opinions, would be a disaster as president of the U.S. and are doing all in their power to stop Trump. You who voted for Cruz and Kasich are unwittingly part of that selfish movement.

By stopping Trump the Democratic electoral process will be denied and replaced by a GOP established process called a brokered convention organized and run by the Republican National Committee. According to convention rules, ballots by the Republican delegates will be held to elect a nominee for the presidency. In short, these delegates will elect the nominee, not the people. Wake up Idahoans and take your country back, or don’t you care?

Loyal Pumphrey, Meridian