Letters to the Editor

Makovsky letter: Bike lanes

Today we are seeing more car and truck traffic in Boise and surrounding areas, and instead of making the roads wider for more traffic, we are making them smaller and putting in more bike lanes then you can imagine. Are they paying for this?

I know I have to have a license to drive my car on the road and that fee goes for road work. Why do the bicyclists get away with not paying anything as far as I know? I remember when we had to pay to put in all these paths to Lucky Peak and then to Eagle and so forth for bicycles and for people to use.

Now we’re making less room for cars and trucks when we have more people coming into our state to live. For the normal person this doesn’t add up. I have nothing against bicyclists but why not make them pay something like a license on each bicycle they ride. Something. Come on people, wake up.

Gerald Makovsky, Boise