Letters to the Editor

Berger letter: Loud motorcycles

Now that the weather is warming up, one can hear the rumble of loud motorcycles from a mile away. A recent article in the Statesman stated that loud noises hamper kids’ learning. Since Idaho schools rank very low relative to other states, why not give the kids every chance?

Loud motorcycles, especially with replacement straight pipes, create severe noise pollution. Loud pipes are not cool. The bikers who claim that “loud bikes save lives” forget two things: one, the noise from the muffler is pointed backwards and two, cruiser bikes have the highest fatality rating in the 50-plus crowd, despite the noise.

I have over 260,000 miles riding motorcycles, and quick reflexes are what saves your hide, not noise spreading a mile behind you. Stock exhausts may be too quiet, but there is a happy medium. Loud pipes have caused some cities in other states to ban motorcycles with loud pipes — be quiet or be fined. No one wants to ruin fun, but simply ask that bikes not cause ear damage.

Give all of us, but especially the kids, a break. Boise, start enforcing noise ordinances for the really loud motorcycles, as well as boom-boom music from cars.

Mitch Berger, Boise