Letters to the Editor

Spoor letter: Wolf kills

I hope I am not the only subscriber to the Idaho Statesman who was totally appalled at a photo on page 2A of the March 26 edition. That photo shows 19 elk of a Wyoming herd who were all killed by a pack of wolves. None of the elk were eaten, so the wolves didn’t kill them for sustenance. These wolves seem to have the same “Method of Operation” that we envision when we hear of terrorists killing unarmed innocent people all over our world; that is, both select victims who have absolutely no way to defend themselves. How can any human being justify these wolf attacks which occur for no apparent reason? What is the logic here? Are we all supposed to sit back and let wolves kill as many of earth’s creatures as they want? Are we all supposed to sit back and let terrorists kill as many of earth’s humans as they want? No. We use our resources to fight the spread of the terrorists. It’s time for our leaders to use our resources to stop the spread of these vicious wolves — now.

Carol Spoor, Eagle