Letters to the Editor

Norris letter: Online sales tax

This is in response to the online sales tax issue and the current tax bill.

I pay, as required of all Idaho citizens, sales tax on my online purchases each year when I file my tax return. Even those who don’t keep track and report it there is still no advantage over going to the store location. I say this because of the shipping and handling charges added to online purchases which often are higher than sales tax.

As a disabled veteran it is much easier for me to buy online than the physical difficulties of getting to and from a store and then not being able to carry large purchases into my home.

So when I buy online for home delivery I actually pay more than if I went to the physical store paying sales tax. This also applies to non-disabled persons.

I don’t think those that purchase online realize this and think that they are saving money by not paying sales tax at a store or on their state tax return. All they get is the convenience of home delivery. Some local stores do have websites and do deliver and I use them when possible, however, most don’t.

Thomas B. Norris, Meridian