Letters to the Editor

Boydston letter: War on terrorism

War on terrorism is where you live.

Wars and rumors of war often invoke visuals of borders, culture and languages and its invasion thereof for domination. A war might start through an assassination, or from some hypothetical treaty violated.

However, modern war has evolved to the religious realm. No borders, many cultures, and all tongues are involved. It’s the world war without borders or Geneva Convention governing war making. It’s Islam who hates any non-believing or believing individual.

Conventional warfare no longer is effective. How does the U.S. attack victims in order to conquer the “enemy” hiding behind the general populous? Islam has taken a position in everyone’s thinking. With no border to defend, the only boundary crossed is self-sacrifice. The point of attack is on the human race.

This war before us won’t go away. Our president prefers only to fight it in name only, hoping he gets out of office it changes. America must rethink its Geneva rules of engagement, because it’s not about borders, cultures and languages. It’s about your freedom to think while this nation is losing this fight for this freedom. A nation can’t outlaw free thought even though Islamist destroys your free thought.

Andrew Boydston, Boise