Letters to the Editor

Streeter letter: Refugees

I got a chuckle out of Angeline Kearns Blain’s guest opinion piece in the March 16 Statesman, “Refugees welcome.” The proverbial ostrich quickly came to mind. Her story of suffering and poverty with an immigration redemption parallels millions, my Guatemalan-born wife included.

There is a sense in which all should be welcome as Angeline postulates. Welcome as long as you are not trying to kill us. That is the real issue. Being in denial about the religious war we are involved in simply confuses the issue and assists the enemy.

Who started the “Imperalist” wars in the Middle East? Islamic jihad. Remember Sept. 11, 2001, over 3,000 Americans murdered by Muslims here on work/student visas. London buses blown up, Spanish trains wrecked, Fort Hood massacre, Boston Marathon attacked, Paris theater and San Bernardino murders. Islamic jihad.

Angeline came to America and assimilated. Times have changed. Islamists often come as warriors on a mission. Reagan said “Trust but verify.” I say “Allow refugees but screen the hell out of them.” Don’t be like the foolish Trojans and drag in the horse based on the naive concepts of multiculturalism and diversity.

Douglas Streeter, Lt. Col. USMC (ret.), Mountain Home