Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: Gary Bennett

In reference to Gary Bennett’s letter, of March 23, “Republican candidates;” I could only draw a similarity of the widespread promotion of ideas of the liberal left with the term they use to describe conservatives: “wackos.” In this year of the presidential election circus, it seems that those who are in opposition of the principles that is strictly adhered to by one party: to undertake vigorously berating those of another party. The scare tactic used here, if elected, that Ted Cruz would somehow try to impose “Biblical law,” is contrary to President Obama imposing socialistic dogma. Nor do American Jews or Christians, of which I am one, have any law other than the U.S. Constitution and God. The confusion must be with the “terrorist” that hide behind that other religion, that was not mentioned so as not to offend. It appears in this dog fight election, it’s PC to severely scold those having good moral values. “God, country, and apple pie” — it was the basic principles that got my parents and this country through the Great Depression and World War II.

Gene Martin, Emmett