Letters to the Editor

Logsdon letter: Gary Bennett

Responding to the letter from Gary Bennett, titled “Republican candidates.” Bennett is again writing fiction as he shares his views of politics, economics and Christianity. The ongoing fiasco in American politics is a Democratic socialist who just slaughtered the former first lady in the Idaho Democratic caucus. Armageddon may indeed be on the horizon in the person of Bernie Sanders. A man who wishes to give away the farm and give everyone a trophy, while doubling the national debt and turning this once great country into a Third World economy. Capitalism built this country and socialism could destroy it.

Characterizing conservative principles as “Biblical law” and comparing it to Sharia law is ridiculous and demonstrates a lack of understanding. We have a Constitution and rule of law, that is what we are trying to preserve. Sharia law, an extension of the Islamic radicals, spews hate and even death while Biblical principals, specifically New Testament teachings, is one of love and understanding.

Keep in mind that Bennett’s hero, Barack Hussein Obama, did the wave at a baseball game with a communist dictator while Brussels burned. An embarrassment to an entire country as well as the free world.

William R. Logsdon Sr., Boise