Letters to the Editor

Csik letter: Democrats’ caucus

I am extremely unhappy with the March 22 Idaho Ada County Democratic caucus. The caucus site was farther away than my usual polling site. The narrow time span for voting (5-7 p.m.) was inconvenient for me and didn’t allow my wife to vote at all. No absentee ballots meant my daughter studying out of state couldn’t vote. After taking the trouble to preregister online the day before and arriving early at 5:30, I still had to wait outside in line for two hours before casting a first ballot. Then I was left wondering whether I needed to stay to cast additional ballots. The whole process of caucus voting was inconvenient, frustrating, confusing and, for my wife and daughter, disenfranchising.

Financially the caucus is also a loser, with the Democrats paying for it, while the state pays for simple primary elections.

2008 was a similar situation, and yet the Democrats learned nothing from that.

If the Democratic Party makes voting for them an unpleasant ordeal, why should anybody vote for them? Wise up, Democrats. Discard the caucuses for a simple primary with all day voting at multiple sites in each county.

Steven Csik, Boise