Letters to the Editor

Walker letter: Hillary Clinton

Kudos to Jonathan Kahnoski for his “Hillary Clinton” letter Sunday, Feb. 14. A rather succinct description of all her ... “accomplishments.”

Let us stroll once again down memory lane and recall another special moment in Hillary history. The pressure was on as then-presidential candidate Clinton led the pack for the Democratic nomination. The attacks were plentiful and often. Now was the Clinton engine’s time to shine. Here is where the American public would witness greatness.

Instead what we witnessed in “greatness” was one of the biggest political blunders of all time. It was announced that Mrs. Clinton was being so put upon by her competitors because she was a girl. Oh, heaven’s to Betsie. Why didn’t someone just tell all those mean boy Democrats to lay off?

Now, fast-forward to the future POTUS. She and Putin are engaged in some pretty shrewd and critical political maneuverings. Not to worry. Putin scores a few victories ... but Hillary ... collapses like a cheap deck of cards. And the response ... “You’re picking on me because I’m a girl.” And the rest, they say, “We’re history.”

I much prefer the Stars and Stripes to the Hammer and Sickle, don’t you?

Bill Walker, Eagle