Letters to the Editor

Mitchell letter: Highland View Drive

Through a series of subdivision plats, developer The Highlands Inc. created Highland View Drive, a narrow, steep, curvy street without sidewalks, which would be considered substandard under current requirements. While obviously maximizing the number of buildable lots as well as minimizing development costs this short-sighted planning created a safety hazard for pedestrians (including children), joggers, bicyclists etc. that can only be exacerbated by increasing traffic on Highland View Drive.

After hours of Highlands residents’ testimony enlightening Boise Planning and Zoning Commission on these safety concerns (and similar concerns along lower (West) Braemere) the commission voted 5-0 to deny approval of proposed Highlands Cove subdivision, which calls for the extension on Highland View Drive to connect with Braemere Road.

That the Boise City Council could so readily disdain and reverse the decision of its zoning commission was made apparent by the mayor, who subsequently extended his “condolences” to new commission appointees.

By the magic elixir of a so-called “traffic mitigation” scheme, Boise city allows the purchaser from The Highlands Inc to pour more traffic down Highland View and The Highlands Inc., which created the mess, but secured the timely rezone, bags the land sale.

Robert Mitchell, Boise