Letters to the Editor

McCoy letter: Delusional GOP

The GOP is delusional. The evening of the GOP primary, Tom Luna declared the “Democrats” were the ones voting for Trump in the open primaries and not supporting the status quo. This statement shows the total arrogance of the Republicans — no responsibility for their own actions.

A few examples: 1) Using millions of dollars of taxpayer money to fund their GOP private business primary; 2) $20 million fund to cover costs of illegal maneuvering; 3) Refusing to fund health care for the poor.

The health care issues make sense now, Democrats. Republicans simply cannot use federal money to fully fund the poor of Idaho that comes through those darn Democrats.

Most importantly, the poor certainly aren’t going to be adding to any of the GOP’s PAC (Politicians Accept Cash) funds.

The Republicans seriously cannot figure out why the citizens are rising up against the old guard establishment?

Susan McCoy, Weiser