Letters to the Editor

Huston letter: Clinton endorsement

Hillary is ready to be president? If you want someone who as secretary of state screwed up everything she touched — the “reset” with Russia, “leading from behind” in Libya, the entire Middle East in flames and a haven for terrorists — she’s our gal.

Then there is the inconvenient fact that Hillary Clinton is currently under FBI investigation, not only for violation of national security laws and exposing top secret material on an unsecured server, but also for “public corruption,” two felonies in which evidence of Hillary’s guilt is overwhelming.

The author of “Clinton Cash” did the investigative legwork for the FBI regarding Hillary’s corruption. The modus operandi of the Clintons and their billionaire friend, Frank Giustra, was simple: Bill and Giustra fly into a third-world country like Kazakhstan on Giustra’s jet. Bill is paid an outlandish stipend, say $500,000, to give a speech heaping praise on the ruling despot, then Giustra receives a concession from the despot — uranium mining rights, petroleum or lumber. The final steps, a few months later — Hillary waives human rights violations so the despot continues to receive tens of millions in U.S. aid, and Giustra gives millions to the Clinton’s foundation. Slick.

Ready to be president indeed.

Ken Huston, Garden City