Letters to the Editor

Hungelmann letter: Clinton endorsement

It was with mixture of humor and disbelief that I read your editorial on Hillary “ready to be president.” Maybe you have missed it, but the one with the steep learning curve is not Bernie. His record on the major issues like crazed wars and unprosecuted multibillion-dollar theft and racketeering by Wall Street is strong and his integrity is intact. With all of her “experience” and in her privileged positions, Hillary voted to invade sovereign nations well knowing the shaky justifications and inevitable catastrophic consequences. She is bought and paid for by Goldman and friends on the Street and surrounds, so many of whom who should be out of business and in prison for life. The party now wants him to play ball and “get on board,” but any ship she might actually commandeer would stay on its current collision course.

James Hungelmann, Ketchum and Puerto Varas, Chile