Letters to the Editor

Grumet letter: Bowe Bergdahl

I believe that Bowe Bergdahl is a tragic hero, well-intentioned and brave. Alas, utterly naive and foolhardy.

No one was ever going to care whether Bergdahl’s ideas on what should be done better were any good. Had he not been intercepted by the Taliban, he would have been busted to E-1 and forfeited that measly salary for the remainder of his tour. But he was captured, and so he spent five years imprisoned by the Taliban. People who would have drowned in their own tears in Bergdahl’s situation say he wasn’t punished enough.

Oh, but the cost to others of his bad decision. Units whose mission was supposed to have been to search for and fight the Taliban were diverted to searching for Bergdahl. The Army complains that time was wasted when they didn’t find Bergdahl but instead found themselves fighting the Taliban.

Martin J. Grumet, Boise