Letters to the Editor

Cooke letter: Islamophobia column

I read with interest the March 20 column on Islamophobia by Said Ahmed-Zaid. In the column he laments the struggles Muslims face in the United States after recent terrorist attacks. The liberal media has rallied to this cause as well. While I applaud these viewpoints and agree that Muslims should be treated with respect and dignity, I wonder if Ahmed-Zaid could also write an article soon about the butchering of Christians throughout the Middle East. Christians have been beheaded in groups, crucified in the streets and murdered inside their places of worship. Indeed, Christians in Egypt and Iraq were not even allowed to hold Christmas celebrations last year due to promises of murder if they chose to do so. Where is the public outcry for Christians, I would ask. Even our own president was reluctant to call these atrocities genocide. I continue to be amazed at what I see going on, not only around the world, but also in this country.

Jason Cooke, Boise