Letters to the Editor

Combs letter: Republican Party

I was born a Republican. I want to be a Republican, but I can’t because over the last two decades the Republican leadership has led the party down a path of poor decisions that have brought the party to the brink of disintegration.

The party needs leadership from people who have a better understanding of the American populace. Leaders should have a vision of how we could become a better nation and a better world neighbor. They should be able to inspire us to think long-term and discard dysfunctional habits and traditions in favor of a clean slate analysis when solving problems.

The current leadership is refusing to consider an Obama-nominated replacement on the Supreme Court for Antonin Scalia. (I see the court already has a 4-4 split decision.) This kind of grade school “tit for tat” leadership is obstruction of justice in my mind and a perfect example of how Republican leadership is causing party members to seriously consider nominating a person like Donald Trump for president.

Jay Combs, Eagle