Letters to the Editor

Yount letter: Ronald Reagan

I’m genuinely amused by today’s Republicans repeatedly referencing and invoking the name and legacy of Ronald Reagan. For those too young to know and those too old to remember, let me enlighten and refresh the highlights of the Reagan monarchy.

Ronald Reagan, the supreme idol/icon standard-bearer conservative who promised to clean up welfare giveaways (government welfare assistance grew under Reagan), to reduce the size and scope of federal government (the federal government grew under Ronnie), to reduce taxes (he raised taxes 11 times), to Reaganomics (the 1 percent got even richer), to saber rattling (he invaded Lebanon, the consequences too horrific to recall here), to Iran-Contra (where Ronnie’s staff worked double overtime to shred incriminating documents), to deregulation (the S&L debacle), to free trade (the middle class was hit hard), to foreign policy decisions (check with Nancy’s astrologer), to the soaring national debt (what debt?), to spouting conservative ideological mumbo-jumbo (the great communicator), to his most famous line in his farewell address: “Beware of washed up actors running for president.”

Like all bad actors, he never knew when to get off the stage. The Republicans eagerly await a Ronnie clone.

Tom Yount, Boise