Letters to the Editor

Belliston letter: Gray wolves

My letter is about gray wolves. Idaho State imported gray wolves from Canada. Idaho State has constitutional right not to comply with federal government’s demand but failed to deny. Big mistake.

Wolves are known as enemies of people:

In both Island Park and Yellowstone Park, wolves have made it a dangerous environment for people who are walking and camping, taking away peaceful pleasures. Ranchers and farmers have to fight against wolves that kill their cows and sheep. Government control for wolves, increase or decreasing efforts are not necessary wasting $400,000 annual budget for wolves.

If politicians were on peoples’ side, a sensitive solution would be to place one gray wolf pair in the zoo and eliminate the endangered species program.

All wolves in Idaho should be killed with cooperation of hunters without cost. There is no reason to feed organic meat (elk and deer) to wolves. One in seven people are on food stamps. Hunters should get more elk and deer. When there is population increase, it attracts hunters from other states and we have more business.

If politicians have deaf ears to us, we will fire them on Election Day.

Kim Belliston, Rupert