Letters to the Editor

Rich letter: Public lands

It was instructive to read the two opinions on public lands on Feb. 25 — an intelligent articulation of the facts surrounding public land ownership by David Adler and a poorly informed rant by Robert Miller. The problem with Miller, Bundy and others who want to take our public lands from us is that they don’t understand our democracy, and hence, our Constitution. The irony is profound.

Here’s how it works. BLM is a public agency that does what elected officials require. The people — you, me, Miller and Bundy — elect those officials. If you don’t like what your elected officials are asking of BLM, then elect others. You don’t throw a tantrum.

I worked for BLM under Carter and Reagan, and believe me, when Reagan came in (“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do”), things changed big time. BLM employees may, or may not, have liked Reagan’s leadership. We were just like the rest of society — some were Republicans, some were Democrats, some didn’t care. But we were, and are, all professionals who do what we are asked by our bosses according to the law. Those who rail against BLM don’t know what they are talking about.

Terry Rich, Boise