Letters to the Editor

Prunty letter: Bundys

End the mess created by Bundy’s mob. It’s insane to glorify criminal antics by idiots in cowboy hats. They’re not freedom-fighters, not patriots — draping Stars & Stripes or carrying the Constitution around does not make them so. And if one gets killed — they are not a public martyr. They are not the “voice” of a majority of U.S. citizens — including ranchers. Most citizens get along with government, law enforcement and neighbors; follow laws, and recognize their rights end where the next person’s start. It’s also escaped Bundy’s mob that Western states did not even exist when the Constitution was framed. Territories were owned by the federal government — “states” were created later. Early large Western holdings resulted from Homestead Act fraud — aided by corrupt politicians. Grazing etc. on federal land is a privilege — not a right. Pressure on resources has grown and consumptive uses have proven incapable of self-regulation. Environmental controls are made necessary by idiots trying to force unregulated takeover of public resources belonging to all citizens. Bundy’s mob and cohorts are not advocating for recreation, watershed, or wildlife values — just selfish, rapacious use/control of public resources. As conservation groups and informed citizens are asking, protect birds — not bullies.

Jim Prunty, Twin Falls