Letters to the Editor

Peterson letter: Medicaid

Almost all our legislators are for the economic and personal health benefits for Idaho citizens by filling the Medicaid gap. This will be proven when they pass it next year. It is only because all those who vote against filling the gap or fail to push to bring it to vote have no courage to be a statesman that it is not being passed this year. Those Republicans that vote no or do not push for filling the Medicaid gap fear, as they have in the past, primary competition.

Next year’s vote will show those legislators who failed to be a statesman. I hope their obituaries state they failed to be a statesman. I’d much rather die knowing I did what’s right for the people of Idaho than for myself.

Please do me a favor and forward this to your legislators. Certainly have my name attached. My belief in the economic and health benefits of filling the gap to Idaho citizens has been publicly known since this issue arose.

Gentlemen and ladies, enough is enough. Be a statesperson. You owe it to yourself and to the citizens of Idaho.

Eric K. Peterson, Lewiston, (Republican precinct member)