Letters to the Editor

Thompson letter: militia

Ever wonder why the US Constitution has all the articles and amendments activated except one, which both Federal and State are guilty of depriving the citizens of our Constitutional rights? The second amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary...” but the government refuse to obey the constitution. So opposed to it that each time we try to organize one such as the refuge take over we end up either murdered or imprisoned to teach us a lesson to submit to the government. The protestors were asked to leave peaceably but when they did they were ambushed, one killed and others were given only one day to build their defense before the trial. (Sheriff Richard Mack.)

U.S. Supreme court, Harcourt vs. Gailard “the rule in criminal prosecutions, the government as the party seeing to establish the existence of Federal jurisdiction must prove U.S. ownership of the property in question....”

Caha vs. U.S., “The preservation of the peace and the protection of person and property are the function of the state and are no part of the...nation.” We ratified the Militia and not the FBI, thus giving the militia authority over the FBI. Now you know why.

Lane Thompson, Weiser