Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: USPS

Turning disadvantage into advantage, the U.S. Postal Service has used the internet to increase parcel sales and volume at affordable prices to the American consumer using no taxpayer money.

The Postal Service quarterly operating profit 0f $1.3 billion for the start of fiscal year 2016 shows back-to-back operating profits over $1 billion since last year.

However, the pre-funding mandate of future retirees’ health benefits, of $5.5 billion each year, continues to be major burden to the USPS. Congress must take swift action to correct this burden which it created back in 2006.

Many military veterans rely on the Postal Service for employment.

The people of Idaho and the rest of the nation deserve quality service such as six-day delivery, and in some parts of the country, seven-day delivery of parcel post. Maintaining door- to- door delivery and Mail Processing Plant closures continues to be a challenge for many customers.

Some have said the USPS is outdated but I say that good service to the people is never old fashioned especially when people are your most valuable asset.

Protect the future to prosper for you. Thank you.

John Paige, Pocatello