Letters to the Editor

Galloway letter: Representatives

I own and operate a small business in Meridian. A couple of years ago an employee of mine was involved in some “bad behavior” that affected my business negatively. I turned to the Idaho courts to help resolve the issue. The judge was sympathetic and helpful, but was not able to help us immediately because of some missing or unclear language in the Idaho law. So I turned to my locally elected representatives and have been pleasantly surprised with the help I have received. Rep. Patrick MacDonald came to my home to listen to my story. Sen. Fred Martin returned my call within 15 minutes and later attended additional meetings to understand my goal and give suggestions. Rep. Lynn Luker met with me and was able to use his legal background to help me understand the challenges ahead of me. Each person I interacted with, whether in committee, conference room or in the halls of the capitol building, was warm and helpful.

A newly worded bill has been submitted and I hear it has a good chance of passing. I have been so pleased to learn that in Idaho we are still represented by people who genuinely care about their constituents.

Codi Galloway, Boise