Letters to the Editor

Civiello letter: Politics

In the current presidential winnowing process there are specific groups of overzealous believers who are being fed the idea that fairness and equality in social and economic realms can be achieved for them by voting for certain candidates. The problems with this utopian ideology result from the unintended consequences that humans always bring to the best of intentions. The past and present failures of utopian attempts to solve problems are glaring but those failures are recognized by neither the candidates nor their followers. They have the temerity to believe they know what is best for everyone, no matter the outcome of their corrosive political ideas.

Do these people have any concept that the government is not a creator of income but merely a dispenser of other people’s money? Are they so myopic that a national debt crisis does not concern them? If the money to make all these things happen was forever unlimited, there might be something to it, but that is simply not the case.

“It’s the right thing to do” might be an acceptable reason to eat prunes but not to justify errant public policies.

For those candidates, getting elected supersedes truth and honesty.

Michael Civiello, Boise