Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: U.S. Constitution

Is it proper to give so much power to nine unelected lawyers? A five-to-four decision can give a single justice control over our lives. Whatever happened to We The People? It seems the balance of power has been skewed. The Supreme Court was established by Article III to explain and interpret the U.S. Constitution in deciding issues regarding particular law, which cannot otherwise be resolved by the lower courts. Instead it has become a political body. A political body rivaling the U.S. Congress in its ability to create law, rather than just interpret law.

The Convention of States Project encourages states, such as Idaho, to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including one which would limit the term for a justice on the Supreme Court. I personally think a 10-year term with new appointments every one or two years seems more appealing than the current lifeterm for each justice. Article V of the Constitution allows for the states to apply for a convention, of the states, to propose constitutional amendments. Proposed amendments should include ones limiting the terms of office for U.S. federal government officials and members of Congress.

Dick Wright, Boise