Letters to the Editor

Stirling letter: Medicare

I, too, believe in personal responsibility which Steve Yates, chair of Idaho Republican Party, indicates only the Republicans believe in. I’m a proud Democrat and believe in the same value of personal responsibility. My husband and I are retired and raised three sons. We both had jobs, paid taxes and saved money for retirement. We would not be able to live on our savings alone but require both SS and savings to live. We also find that we are requiring more medical attention as we age. Without Medicare to help us with our bills plus some supplemental insurance we would probably be homeless and on food stamps.

So-called “big government” has provided Social Security and Medicare for my husband and I so we can live out the rest of our lives in dignity and self-worth. We’re asking the Idaho Legislature to close the gap for those who work hard but don’t have the means to pay for health insurance and end up at the hospital for emergency care or have medical bills that drive them into bankruptcy. The Healthy Idaho Plan will ensure that all of our citizens have the health care they need. Legislators, support the Healthy Idaho Plan.

Carol Stirling, Boise