Letters to the Editor

Davina letter: Election

On Election Day any person can walk into a polling place without identification, be given a ballot, fill it in and have it deposited in the ballot box to be counted. Think about the fact that one person could do this numerous times on Election Day. Is it a felony? Yes. But if the person uses incorrect information it would be difficult or impossible to find this person.

Idaho is the only state that allows this. Other states comply with the Federal Government Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. This requires use of a provisional ballot to be counted only after the eligibility of the individual is verified. Refer to Idaho Statutes 34-1114 Affidavit in Lieu of Personal Identification and 34-408A. ELECTION DAY REGISTRATION for more information.

There was proposed legislation to correct this issue. I have received notification that they will not go forward with it this year.

Perhaps my sense of priorities is misaligned, but to me, our election process and the integrity of that process should be one of the most crucial roles of government.

Why is this issue not important enough to be heard?

Paula Davina, Eagle