Letters to the Editor

Shaw letter: Abortion

Everyone who supports that bill allowing big government to take away a parent’s religious rights regarding faith healing are hypocrites. Thousands of children are killed every day with government approval under the “right of a woman’s own body” excuse. Live children with health problems are placed on display and testify as examples of why intervention is needed, thus tugging at the heart strings. Unfortunately, the children killed by abortion can’t testify on their own behalf. There’s no chance for them to tug at your heart strings. What about that teenager last year who refused cancer treatments? She was forced to have them. You think Big Brother will stop at just this bill? No way. This is a sly attack on religious and parental rights, hidden behind words like “we are looking out for children who can’t speak for themselves.” Again, I say supporters of this bill are hypocrites while mass murder by abortion is allowed. Those children can’t speak for themselves either. And letting doctors and big brother override parental and religious rights is a dangerous precedent . Once started, it can’t be stopped.

Leah Shaw, Boise